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 8-02-08 Formula D Pro-am

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8-02-08 Formula D Pro-am Empty
PostSubject: 8-02-08 Formula D Pro-am   8-02-08 Formula D Pro-am Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 1:27 pm

Update guys! The event is still going on, but we need 10 drivers from arizona otherwise Formula D will not be coming back here until 2010.

[QUOTE=Joe Dinunzio;]
Arizona Drifters:

Your state needs you. Guys we have a problem and I have been asked to help rectify it. FORMULA D PROAM is here this weekend. YES THE EVENT IS HAPPENING. FD is not happy with the very low turnout from Arizona. I cant say I blame them but what I can say is I fully understand WHY the AZ people do not want to drive in it.

We are on the verge of losing Proam for the future. Not just this event. So we need to put the BS behind us, and get the hell out there.

I am going to level with you all, we need drivers to sign up. FAST.

You all know, I of all people wouldnt be making this post unless I felt this was a serious situation for our "future". We have been trying to get proam here for the 3 years its been in existence and now that its here, nobody is going.

I have stayed relatively quiet throughout the past 2 weeks of shenanigans on the board because we (TBF) have a stake in the drift community too. But now is the time, I am putting our name on the line and asking all of you to please register for this event.

If we do not have 10 Arizona drivers signed up by the time of the event, there will be no future proam's in Arizona till at LEAST 2010.

If we do not have 10 Arizona drivers signed up by the time of the event, there will be no future proam's in Arizona till at LEAST 2010.

Are those of you who have wanted to see what you have against the best prepared to wait till the end of 2010 to go to nationals? You have a shot to get out there this weekend and get your spot.

Guys I dont ask for much from the local people, but this is something that I think we need. How many of you have asked me privately about this event and if you should go? How many of you have wanted more competitions? this is your chance to do it LOCALLY on a track we have all driven on multiple times. You know exactly what to expect at SIR and if you dont already know, you will feel what its like to be at a top level competition against some of the best amateurs around.

Yes the event is expensive, but its LOCAL. The nearest ProAm qualifier this year has been in Salt Lake City, its a 700+ mile, 10+ hour drive. (trust me, i was there.) the cost of gas is more than the entry fee for this event.

I dont know what good I am going to do at this stage in the game, but damnit I am going to try.

event info:

my aim: hawk0028

Please help get the word out guys. Im posting this on all the major boards and sending what I can to people on AIM.[/quote]
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8-02-08 Formula D Pro-am
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